Specialist Mole Catcher In Essex

If you’re an Essex resident and experiencing a problem with moles rampaging through the lawn then give our Essex mole catcher a call today!

With over 10 years experience in the pest control industry we have built up a fantastic reputation within the Essex county for our quick, humane and affordable mole control service. Our prices are extremely competitive and transparent by way of a pay per mole basis. This means you are not charged per visit but only for the moles that are caught keeping your costs to a minimum!
We also work with local councils, schools, Golf & Cricket clubs keeping the mole populations under control all year round.

How Do You Get Rid Of Moles?

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 1 – Locate The Mole Tunnels

We will locate the active mole runs and set traps in various locations. Each garden differs as do the soil conditions so our Essex mole catcher will select the most effective method available. All traps are marked with flags and safely placed underground. Any current mole hills are noted for our return visit.

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2 – Catch & Remove The Moles

Then we arranged a second visit with the customer and will return to check the traps and remove any moles. At this point we can see if all the moles have been caught or if any signs of new activity remain within the garden. Usually we will get rid of the moles within 48 hours but larger areas may take longer.

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3 – No More Mole Hills

When we are happy all mole activity has ceased, the traps are removed allowing you to regain control of your garden! Once you have had a mole in the garden there is a high chance another will pay you a visit in the future. As soon as any new mole hills appear then call our Essex mole catcher straight away.

We Charge Just £150 To Catch Your Mole!

For just £150 we can get rid of a mole in your garden using our extensive craft and trapping knowledge. A single mole can dig tunnels in excess of 20 meters per day so it’s easy to see how they cause so much damage to a once well maintained garden.

Our Mole catcher in Essex is also available to control mole problems on larger areas such as farms, paddocks, large estates and golf courses.

We are proud members of Checkatrade where you can read genuine reviews regarding our Essex mole control service and also hold the RSPH level 2 certificate demonstrating our training standards.

Please call your local mole pest control experts for advice on getting rid of moles today on 01206 807150.

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How Many Moles Are In Our Garden?

There are many factors which can effect the number of moles in an area.

1 – Are you surrounded by fields or woodland?

2 – How long have you left the mole issue before calling a pest control service?

3 – Are your neighbours having a problem with mole damage but not doing anything to resolve it?

4 – Is it breeding season (May – July)?

Will The Moles Return?

Unfortunately it’s a common occurrence for a new mole to move in to an old vacant tunnel network. This can be weeks, months or years later and is best monitored by being vigilant and dealing with any new activity swiftly.

Are The Traps Safe For Pets?

Yes, our traps are placed underground and are clearly marked using flags. If you require a discreet service we can lay traps with no sign of them being there!

If you seek the most effective mole catcher Essex has to offer, call us today to book your visit!

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