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If you’re a home or business owner in Basildon and you’ve fallen victim to moles you need the help of our experienced, accredited specialists right now!

We have been getting rid of moles in Basildon for more than a decade now, and during that time we have built and developed a reputation for effective action at an affordable price. Unlike some pest controllers, we charge for the moles we catch, rather than per visit. And if we aren’t able to remove your moles, you will pay no fees whatsoever. For us, the peace of mind of our customers is the highest priority of all.
As well as domestic properties, we also provide first-class mole solutions for parks, farms, sporting venues, commercial gardens and a whole host of local businesses.

How Do You Get Rid Of Moles?

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 1 – Locate The Mole Tunnels

Moles can dig complex tunnel patterns, so our first task is to find their tunnels and set traps in the most appropriate places. The location of your tunnels will depend on the soil conditions and the availability of a food source. We mark our traps with flags to enable us to locate them on our next visit.

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2 – Catch & Remove The Moles

On our second visit we remove the moles humanely and check for any further activity, as this will be an indicator of the possible presence of more moles. In the majority of cases, we’re able to catch and remove your moles within a 48-hour period, although larger areas can take a little longer.

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3 – No More Mole Hills

We will remove traps when we are satisfied that all your moles have been caught. From then on, you will be able to restore your garden or field to its usual look. Unfortunately, moles will often use pre-used tunnels, so you may find you need our Basildon mole control service again in the future. As always, our experts will be happy to you if you need us.

We Charge Just £150 To Catch Your Mole!

We believe in keeping our customers happy, and that’s why we charge just £150 to trap and remove a mole from both domestic and commercial properties. It’s worth remembering that moles are extremely hungry creatures, and in their search for food they can dig for more than 20 metres in a given day. The devastation they cause is of course highly visible, so swift, effective action is a must.

Our Basildon mole catcher provides peace of mind in no time for home owners and for a variety of business locations, including golf courses, cricket pitches, large estates, farms and paddocks.
We know our reputation in Basildon and across the county is something to be proud of, and as members of Checkatrade we know how important it is to build strong relationships with all of our customers. Our mole catcher in Basildon holds the RSPH Level 2 Certificate as proof of our commitment to training and education.
You can contact our specialists on 01206 807150 as soon as you are aware of an issue with moles.

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Our Mole Control Service is Quick, Safe And Guaranteed!

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How Many Moles Are In Our Garden?

The only way to find out how many moles are on your property is to locate and remove them, because there are several factors which ca be relevant:
1 – Is your property close to open countryside?
2 – Have you delayed calling a Basildon mole catcher in recent days?
3 – Do you know if any of your neighbours also have mole issues?
4 – What time of year is it? Breeding season for moles is between May and July.

Will The Moles Return?

There’s no definitive answer to this question, but a return visit is definitely possible because new moles often move into old tunnels. The best thing to do is remain vigilant, and if you suspect more activity to get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity.

Are The Traps Safe For Pets?

Our traps are carefully placed underground, and as such they don’t represent a danger to domestic pets. If you wish, we can place our traps below the surface without any outward sign of their presence, but if this isn’t an issue we use flags to help us find them on our second visit.

If you seek the most effective mole catcher Basildon has to offer, call us today to book your visit!

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