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No-one likes the idea of a mole being on their property, especially when they realise just how much damage even a single mole can cause.

The sad fact is that moles which are left to their own devices will often continue to wreak havoc on carefully nurtured lawns, beautifully manicured parks and professionally maintained golf courses. Doing nothing and hoping the problem will go away usually just makes the matters worse, so the best option is to call in the professionals, and that’s where we come in. We’ve been catching and removing moles in Braintree and the surrounding area for many years, and during that time we’ve built an enviable reputation for excellence.
Our Braintree mole catcher works on a no mole no fee basis!

How Do We Get Rid Of Moles In Braintree?

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 1 – Locate The Mole Tunnels

Using our years of experience and our in-depth knowledge of their behaviour, we will find where the moles have been and will be going. We then lay traps below the surface in strategic locations, marking them with small flags to enable us to locate them easily a day or two later.

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2 – Catch & Remove The Moles

We are usually able to remove moles from the vicinity within 48 hours, although larger areas like paddocks and fields may take longer. Once our mole catcher is happy he has caught and removed all the moles the traps are then removed from the garden.

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3 – No More Mole Hills

After the traps have been removed we always advise you keep a careful eye out for any new activity over the next few months as it’s not uncommon for other moles to be nearby looking for a new location to feed.

We Charge Just £150 To Catch Your Mole!

Our aim is simple: we want to provide the finest mole control Braintree can offer for a fair and affordable price, and that’s why we only charge £150. We offer a fantastic service that’s based on results, and our professionals are fully trained and licensed to work for domestic home owners as well as a wide range of commercial organisations. Our business clients include local parks, sporting venues, large estates and farms.

Our reputation for excellence speaks for itself, and we are understandably proud of the positive comments we have received over the years on a variety of online platforms.
We are members of Checkatrade, so you will find it easy to see what others think about the service we provide. To find out more about our mole catcher in Braintree just call us today on 01206 807150.

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Our Braintree Mole Control Service is Quick, Safe And Guaranteed!

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How Many Moles Are In Our Garden?

There could be one or there could be several, and the only way to be sure is by calling in the experts. The number of moles you have will depend on:
• The time of year (breeding season is in early summer)
• How long moles have been on the property
• Whether any of your neighbours also have an issue
• If open countryside is close by

Will The Moles Return?

There’s no guarantee that moles won’t return again in the future, unfortunately. If you suspect the presence of moles in the future, it’s best to call our specialists as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Moles can dig for more than 20 metres in a single day, so a speedy response is crucial.

Are The Traps Safe For Pets?

Our traps are placed underground so they don’t represent a danger to children or pets. We often set hundreds of traps on farms around cattle and sheep so you can be sure they are safe!

Call your local Braintree mole catcher today for a quick, safe and reliable service 7 days a week!

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