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Moles can be an absolute nightmare in both domestic and commercial properties, so if you suspect their presence you need to call the experts in at the earliest opportunity.
Our Chelmsford Mole Catcher service has proved vital for many homes and businesses over the past decade, thanks to our rapid response and our successful results. We believe that our reputation speaks for itself, and for that reason we are extremely proud of the affordable service we provide for our customers. We offer a no mole, no fee service, so if you call in our specialists you’ll know exactly what you are paying for.
In addition to helping home owners, we also deal with mole problems in parks, golf courses, sports fields and on large estates.

How Do You Get Rid Of Moles?

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 1 – Locate The Mole Tunnels

It’s not always easy to find moles, but our many years of experience and our in-depth knowledge of their behaviour usually proves vital. We use extremely reliable traps which enable us to catch the moles quickly and humanely. We place the traps in the ground and mark them with flags for ease of identification.

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2 – Catch & Remove The Moles

We will return to check the contents of the traps later, and if we find moles we will remove them accordingly. If all mole activity has ceased the traps will be removed or left in if further mole hills are noted. In most instances, we will be able to catch and remove moles within 48 hours of placing the traps.

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3 – No More Mole Hills

As soon as your moles have been removed, you can look forward to restoring your property to its former glory. We always advise our customers, however, that moles will often move into tunnels that have been used in the past. Vigilance is important at this stage, so if you suspect a new presence please get in touch with our Chelmsford mole catcher.

We Charge Just £150 To Catch Your Mole!

We are proud to offer our domestic and commercial customers the highest standards for an extremely affordable price. Our £150 price is offered on a no mole, no fee basis, so you will always know you’re getting value for money. Moles are capable of digging for long distances every day, and in the process they can cause devastation to gardens, fields and sporting venues. It’s worth remembering that any delay in taking action will often only make matters worse.
We’ve been handling Chelmsford mole control issues for more than a decade, and in that time we have built up a loyal customer base. We believe the quality of our service speaks for itself.
We are proud to be members of Checkatrade, and in the process to rely on excellent customer feedback at all times. As an indicator of our dedication to providing the very best service, our mole catcher holds the necessary qualifications, including the RSPH Level 2 Certificate.
From the moment you suspect you have a problem with moles, call Chelmsford mole control on 01206 807150.

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Our Mole Control Service is Quick, Safe And Guaranteed!

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How Many Moles Are In Our Garden?

The only way to find out how many moles you have is by locating their whereabouts and removing them. There are a number of reasons for this uncertainty:
• Proximity of the property to open countryside
• Amount of time since mole activity was first spotted
• Whether neighbouring properties also have mole issues
• Time of year – breeding season is between May and July

Will The Moles Return?

This is something that cannot be guaranteed, because moles will often move into existing tunnel complexes if previous occupants have been removed. It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on the area, and to call our specialists if you suspect more mole activity.

Are The Traps Safe For Pets?

We place our mole traps underground, so they don’t represent a danger to domestic pets. In most cases, we use flags above ground to help us locate our traps later on, but if you prefer the discretion of having no flags at all, feel free to ask.

For the most effective mole catcher Chelmsford has to offer, call us today to book your visit!

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