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There’s no doubt that a mole can cause devastation if left alone, so if you have one in your garden or business location you need to take swift action.

The good news is that we’ve been providing our Colchester mole catcher service for more than ten years, and we set the standards for others to attempt to match. Our state of the art traps allow us to catch and get rid of your moles quickly and humanely. We work on a no fee basis, so if we don’t find any moles you end up paying nothing at all.
Our guarantee to you is that you will only pay for the results we achieve, that’s how much faith we have in our service.

How Do You Get Rid Of Moles?

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 1 – Locate The Mole Tunnels

Ascertaining the location of the moles takes experience and knowledge, because they are capable of digging complex tunnel systems in their search for food. Once we are satisfied with the information we’ve found, we will set traps underground and pay a return visit to check their contents next visit.

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2 – Catch & Remove The Moles

We take your moles away at this stage, then we check the area for further activity. Most of the time we find and remove moles within a 48-hour period, although for larger areas such as farms and municipal parks it may take a little longer. Our methods mean there is as little upheaval as possible to your property.

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3 – No More Mole Hills

Unfortunately, new moles will often move into an area that has been vacated, in part because the existing tunnels will prove useful for finding food sources. Our experts will be able to advise customers on how to look for future activity. In all cases, we recommend calling us back to prevent further problems should they arise.

We Charge Just £150 To Catch Your Mole!

Over the years, we have become increasingly aware of the need to provide a service that people can trust, and that’s why we offer the finest results for a price that won’t break the bank. We know how much damage even a single mole can cause, so our rapid response can prove to be crucial.

When it comes to mole control Colchester homes and businesses insist on the best, and that’s why we’ve become the number one choice for so many.
As members of Checkatrade, we know that our reputation relies on the honest reviews of previous customers. We’re proud of the excellence which is attached to our name, and we never forget every client has a choice. To find out more, simply call 01206 807150 today.

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Our Mole Control Service is Quick, Safe And Guaranteed!

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How Many Moles Are In Our Garden?

This isn’t always an easy question to answer, because of course every situation will have its own unique circumstances. Variables include:
• Whether the breeding season is here
• How long it’s been since the first mole sighting
• If the neighbours have been experiencing problems
• How close your property is to open countryside

Will The Moles Return?

The short answer to this is possibly yes, and possibly no. Once we have removed your unwanted visitors, you will be mole-free, but there is always a chance of a visit from more moles. The best option is to remain vigilant in case of new moles taking over the old tunnels, and to call in our experts if there is any suspicion of new activity.

Are The Traps Safe For Pets?

We lay our traps below ground, and that means they are not going to be harmful to dogs and cats. We leave them in situ for a day or two before returning to check their contents. To help us find the traps, we place flags in the soil on the day we locate them.

If you seek the most effective mole catcher Colchester has to offer, call us today to book your visit!

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